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ECS 153, Spring 2021; Lecture #6; April 9, 2021

This covers the rest of penetration testing and begins vulnerability models. The video begins at 5:05 from the beginning.

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Converting Carboxylic Acids to Derivatives

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Meeting-3-11-21: From biology to silicon

A review of basic neurobiology followed by a discussion on the capabilities of IBM's TrueNorth and Intel's Loihi neuromorphic chips.

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First Meeting: Intro to Neuromorphic computing

First club meeting; a brief overview of neuromorphic computing in comparison to both biological brains and Von Neumann computers. A short discussion of ABR's Nengo library and Intel's Loihi…

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ECS 153, Spring 2021; Lecture #1; March 29, 2021

ECS 153, Spring 2021. Computer Security. Introduction to computer security. The video starts at 25:20.

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