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Clip of HSI Summit Pt. 1 - "A Call to Action" (51 min 31 sec)

HSI Summit Pt. 1 - A Cal to Action + AI EducationSession: A Call to Action Length: 51 min 31 sec Presenters: Dr. Erika Tatiana Camacho, Program Director, National Science Foundation; Dr. Sarita…

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ECS 220 6a:7.1 axiomatic foundation of mathematics

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ECS 220 4b:6.1-2 relation of NP to finding mathematical proofs

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ECS 220 4a:6 (P vs. NP) vs. other major mathematical questions

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AATC Video

AATC provides academic support to undergraduate students enrolled in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, and Writing Across the Disciplines. Our professional…

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MADDD YianMa-Spring2020

Presentation by Yian Ma (UC San Diego) Title: Briding MCMC and OptimizationAbstract: In this talk, I will discuss three ingredients of optimization theory in the context of MCMC: Non-convexity, …

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Talk by Sam Hopkins (UC Berkeley) Title: From Proofs to Algorithms for High-Dimensional Statistics Abstract: I will discuss a novel technique, "Proofs to Algorithms," for designing and…

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PICN - Jennifer Ford and Georg Lietz - May 1, 2019

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Miller Symposium-Jared Shaw-03-01-2019

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EME-165: 2018-09-05 12:10 - Quiz

EME-165 Lecture 2018-09-05 at 12:10

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HYD151: Tackling New Frontiers in Science

This 53-minute presentation offers a case study in which a simple, naive idea led to fundamentally new advancements in science, aided by innovations in field methods.

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HYD151: Use of Hydrology in River Restoration

This 62-minute presentation introduces the hydrological and geomorphological concepts guiding elementary river restoration practices in the late 20th and early 21st century.

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HYD151: Infiltration

This 58-minute presentation describes how to measure cumulative infiltration and infiltration rate through time.

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HYD151: Vadose Zone Hydrology

This 44-minute presentation introduces concepts associated with measuring soil water content and matric potential.

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HYD151: Evapotranspiration Measurement

This 62-minute presentation lays out the basic concepts and measurement approaches for water and energy fluxes associated with evaporation, transpiration, and evapotranspiration.

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