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457 Demment

This interview is with Professor Demment whose career at Davis spanned research on the feeding ecology of herbivores, development of a College sustainable agriculture program and the Century (100…

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441 Anthony F. Philips

In this conversation, Emeritus Professor Anthony Phillips discusses his career at the University of California at Davis, including important persons and events that shaped his interests and…

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Donald L. Bath

Name: Donald L. Bath Interviewer: Edward O. Price Date Interviewed: 4/9/02 Date Appointed: 1963 Date Retired: 1993 Department(s): Animal Science

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Charles H.Halsted

443 Name: Charles H Halstead Interviewer: Louis E Grivetti Date Interviewed: 1/12/2017 Date Appointed: 1974 Date Retired: 2015 Department: Internal Medicine, Nutrition In this conversation,…

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Anthony F. Philipps

Interview # 441 Name: Anthony F. Philipps Interviewer: Kevin Coulter Date Interviewed:10/19/2016 Date appointed: 1970 Date Retired: 2015 Department: Pediatrics Link: In this…

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Robert Rucker

Name: Robert Rucker Interviewer: Louis Grivette Date Interviewed: 7/11/2013 Date Appointed: 1970 Date Retired: 2008 Departments: Department of Nutrition, School of Medicine In this…

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Bill Rains

Name: Bill Rains Interviewer: Bob Travis Date Interviewed: 3/22/2011 Date Appointed: 1966 Date Retired: 2005 Departments: Agronomy and Range Science, Kearney Foundation In this conversation…

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