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Ruimeng Wang Research Talk (2020 Larock Conference, Physical/Analytical Presentation #2)

Title: Theoretical Investigation of the Catalytic Mechanism of N2 to NH3 Reduction by an Aluminum Complex Authors: Ruimeng Wang and Lee-Ping Wang Abstract: The reduction of nitrogen gas (N2) to NH3…

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CFSC-UCD Webinar: Conifer regeneration after severe wildfire

Predicting spatial patterns of conifer regeneration after severe wildfire: implications for restoration Kristen Shive, Director of Science, Save the Redwoods League. Michelle Coppoletta, Sierra…

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UC Davis-CFSC Webinar: Postfire Restoration for Chaparral Shrublands

Topic: A Postfire Restoration Prioritization Tool for Chaparral ShrublandPresenters: Emma Underwood; Nicole Molinari; Mark de GuzmanPresented: Apr 30, 2020

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Town Hall 4 Dr Jonna Mazet

Jonna Mazet  is an epidemiologist and executive director of the  One Health Institute at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. She is a member of the Board of Directors of  Global Virome…

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BIS180L Apr 21 In Class

In class lecture on interpreting phylogenetic trees

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VEN 140 4/17/20 Lecture 6 Konrad Miller

VEN 140 Lecture 6 4/17/2020 Copyright Konrad Miller PhD PE Do no distribute without permission

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Bohart Museum of Entomology Virtual Tour: Live Insect Zoo (Tabatha Yang & Dr. Lynn Kimsey)

The Bohart Museum of Entomology's Education & Outreach Coordinator Tabatha Yang gives a hands-on tour of some of the Bohart's live animals, including several species of Walking…

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VEN 140 4/15/20 Discussion 3 Konrad Miller

VEN 140 Discussion 3 4/15/2020 Copyright Konrad Miller PhD PE Do no distribute without permission

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