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Bohart Museum Virtual Tour Highlight: Lepidoptera Collection (Dr. Diane Ullman)

Dr. Diane Ullman leads a Virtual Tour through the Lepidoptera collection of the Bohart Museum of Entomology (UC Davis), describing the natural history and ecology of several colorful and toxic…

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2019 Fall Commencement Student Speaker - Ellen Caminiti 12-14-2019

Ellen Caminiti, candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Art in International Relations, from the UC Davis College of Letters and Science gives the student commencement address at the UC Davis Fall…

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Learn how to install Kopernio to improve access to full-text journal articles.

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Unpaywall (Chrome and Firefox)

This brief video will demonstrate how to download the plugin, Unpaywall, which will help you gain greater access to journal articles through open access.

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Open Access Button

This brief video will demonstrate how to download the plugin, Open Access Button, which will help you gain greater access to journal articles through open access.

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Having trouble accessing an article? The library can help!

This brief tutorial demonstrates how to gain access to journal articles you can't get online. Learn how to use the library's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services to request articles you find in…

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Jerry Brown & Anita Oberholster // Savor: Wine, Wildfire & Climate Change, June 3, 2019

Former Governor Jerry Brown and UC Davis Enologist Anita Oberholster discussed the effects of climate change on California agriculture, particularly the growing frequency of catastrophic wildfires,…

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474 Linda Grix

Name:Linda GrixInterviewer: JoAnne BoorkmanDate interviewed:10/19/2018Date appointed:1974Date retired:1979Department: Library Medical Librarian Linda Grix discusses her career and her role at the…

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469 Maril Stratton, Laurie Lewis, and Patricia Bailey

Name: Maril Stratton, Patricia Bailey, Laurie LewisDate interviewed:6/21/18 Date appointed: Stratton, 1986; Bailey, 1983; Lewis, 1987Date retired: Stratton, 2011; Bailey, 2017; Lewis, 2014…

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52 Roland W Hoermann

Name: Roland W HoermannInterviewer: John F. FetzerDate interviewed:01/24/1996Date appointed:1955Date retired:1993 Department: German In this conversation , Emeritus Professor Roland Hoermann…

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2018 Doxie Derby - Picnic Day - April 21, 2018

The Doxie Derby is a 30+ year tradition that is hosted annually during Picnic Day by second year veterinary students at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. This year the Class of 2020 will…

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Miller Symposium - Michael Marietta 03-16-2018

"Nitric Oxiden in Biology and Medicine" Michael Marietta gives the plenary address at the 18th annual R. Bryan Miller Symposium 2018-03-16_CHE_Miller-Michael-Marietta

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Scinema 11-4-17

Animal Biotechnology: A Tool for Good or Evil? Prior to a screening of the new film "Okja," world-renowned animal scientist Dr. Alison Van Eenenaam (Department of Animal Science) discusses…

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445 John Horowitz

In this conversation , Emeritus Professor John Horowitz discusses his career at the University of California at Davis, including important persons and events that shaped his interests and…

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Yvonne Marsh

UC Davis Principles of Community Name: Yvonne Marsh Interviewer: Lynn Gore Date Interviewed: 6/17/15 Date Appointed: 1969-73 and 1978 Date Retired: 2004 Department(s): Student Affairs

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