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CounterACT: Bob Campenot 12-10-13

"Retrograde Nerve Factor Signaling and Control of Axon Growth in Compartmented Cultures of Rat Sympathetic Neurons". December 11, 2013

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CounterACT Center: Richard Olsen 7-29-13

July 30, 2013

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CounterACT Center: Ray Dingledine 8-5-13

UC Davis CounterACT Center Seminar featuring Ray Dingledine, Ph.D. "Inflammation and epilepsy: which is the cart, which the horse?". August 5, 2013

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CounterACT Center: Colonel Jonathan Newmark 10-7-13

October 8, 2013

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CounterACT Center: Leonard Konrad Kaczmarek 4-7-14

UC Davis CounterACT Center Distinguished Speaker Seminar featuring Leonard Konrad Kaczmarek: "Regulation of neuronal timing and infantile seizures by RNA-­binding ion channels". April…

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CounterACT 2014-15: Organophosphates and Cognitive Deficits

Organophosphates and Cognitive
Deficits: Elucidating the Mechanisms and Identifying Therapeutic Targets. Presented by Alvin V. Terry, Jr., Ph.D. Regents’ Professor of Pharmacology and Tox.…

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