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Rotational Transfer System With Torque Voltage Analogy

Created on September 5th, 2022 in Davis, CA This video goes over an example on how to find a transfer system of a second order rotational system using the torque-voltage analogy.

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EEC 195AB, Group 7, Autonomous RC Car

The autonomous RC car presented within the video was collaboratively configured by Joel Montano, Ryan McKenna, and Joshua Nelson. The car was programmed to lane follow, utilizing blob detection on…

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EEC195 Group 2 Autonomous Car

A summarization of the workings of our groups' autonomous lane-following robotic car, with the additional feature of being cross compatible between manual and self-driving mode.

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2022 UC Davis Nuts and Berries Conference - Dr. Barbara Shukitt-Hale

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Bess Caswell, IGN Seminar 4.20.22

Implementing a Dietary Impact Evaluation in Rural Sri Lanka Under COVID

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Pharmaceutical Data Management Workshop (Part 2 of 2) 4-22-22

The goal of this two part workshop is to give you an understanding of the basic structure of a healthcare company and the realities of how drugs are discovered, developed, manufactured, and marketed.…

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Tutorial on Image J

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Adrian Dauphinee 04 April, 2022

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Automation of Pump and Probe for THz Spectroscopy

Scott Bricker, Theodora Triano, Mohammedhassan Harara, Nijo Tan, Ian Ramos, & Anthony Pham Abstract: Modern advances in ultrafast laser systems and THz domain transmitters have provided…

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Automated Processing of ECEI Data - Naveed Oroumchian

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DOLCE - April 1, 2022 - Service With a Smile: Effectively and Affirmatively Supporting Learner Control in Canvas

Our first speaker at this DOLCE event, Dr. Ted Geier, currently teaches Humanities, Writing, and Social Science courses at UC Davis, Sacramento State, and Chico State, where he is also an active…

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Introduction to Version Control with Git - 2022-02-15

This workshop covers the fundamentals of using version control for reproducible research. Topics covered include installing the Git versioning control software locally, initiating a local Git…

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Lecture 7 (Second Part)

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