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2020.06.18 - Dr. Ralph Green, UC Davis - Careers in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Ralph Green, M.D., Ph.D. is an expert in the diagnosis of hematological disorders, with emphasis on anemias, as well as diagnosis and treatment of nutritional deficiency diseases and disorders.…

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IGN - Christine Stewart - Nov. 6, 2019

IGN lecture with Christine Stewart - - Effect of eggs on child growth and development: results from the Mazira Project Randomized Controlled Trial

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Robert Cello

Name: Robert M. Cello Interviewer: Joann Larkey Date Interviewed: 6/17/1994 Date Appointed: 1954 Date Retired: 1988 Department: Clinical Surgical and Radiological Sciences In this conversation…

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PICN - Susana Matias 10/19/2016

Prenatal and postnatal supplementation with lipid-based nutrient supplements reduced anemia and iron deficiency in young Bangladeshi children

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PICN - Alex Brito (05-04-2016)

"New directions in vitamin B12 deficiency research: from diagnostics to international nutrition"

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Research Overviews by PICN Faculty: Lindsay Allen, Reina Engle-Stone, Kay Dewey

Presentations by Lindsay Allen, Reina Engle-Stone, Kay Dewey

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