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Lauren Au 1.31.24 IGN Seminar

Beyond the English Channel: Navigating hypothermia and caloric needs during marathon swimming while pregnant

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AAPI Month Celebration 2023

The month of May is nationally recognized as Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. The employee resource group APASA co-celebrates this and represents UC Davis Health in many public…

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What is the Wave-Particle Duality? Part 1

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ARE/ECN 115A: Cell Phones & Development

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VEN123L Video 1.3 - Pipette Evaluation: Using a Balance

How do we know our pipettes are dispensing the volume they should be dispensing? How do we use a balance? What does measuring mass have to do with measuring volume? Copyright Thi Nguyen Do not…

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101C Week4: Video1

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Delta Management Using Biotelemetry - 17 - Theme 4 Panel - 11/09/2017

UC Davis' Biotelemetry Lab, Cramer Fish Sciences and Delta Science Program Symposium: Informaing Delta Management Using Biotelemety. November 9, 2017.

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