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Davis R Users’ Group – Stan in R - 2023-10-25

This is the first entry in DataLab's Bayesian series for Fall 2023. Stan is a program that estimates Bayesian models, and R has a very nice interface. The copyright on this video is owned by…

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Protein Structure

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Esters in the Real World

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Dr. Tom Reardon: Institute for Global Nutrition Seminar

Rapid transformation of food system in Africa: reflections on food system resilience and coping with COVID Dr. Tom Reardon 3/31/2021

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MADDD YianMa-Spring2020

Presentation by Yian Ma (UC San Diego) Title: Briding MCMC and OptimizationAbstract: In this talk, I will discuss three ingredients of optimization theory in the context of MCMC: Non-convexity, …

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