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SPH298 Week7 TCPRC Project #3- Flavored Tobacco Product Policy Implementation

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SPH298 Week5 California Tobacco Prevention Program

California Tobacco Prevention Program: Social norm change = media + community engagement, "Endgame" vision with policy and cessation strategies

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Healthy UC Davis: The Smoke and Tobacco Free Initiative

An introduction and brief description to the Smoke and Tobacco Free Initiative on the UC Davis Campus. The narrators are staff lead Keavagh Clift and student coordinator Janet Ramirez. Credits:…

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Vaping Presentation - Healthy UC Davis

In this informational panel presentation, hear from three perspectives on the health impacts and addiction related to vaping. Christy D’Ambrosio, a mother whose son was hospitalized in critical…

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E-Cigarettes and JUUL, Addicting a New Generation

In this informational presentation, Kim Homer Vagadori, Project Director for the California Youth Advocacy Network, discusses how e-cigarettes, vapes, JUUL, and Sorens, are changing the landscape of…

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