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MAT 168 Optimization lecture-2023-02-27

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Shell Model. Level Degeneracy for 3-D Quantum Simple Harmonic Oscillator. Spin-Orbit interaction in the nucleus.

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2020-10-26: Simplex method with perturbations (MAT 168 Optimization)

Resolving degeneracy using lexicographic perturbations. Finite termination of the simplex method with lexicographic perturbations. notes-2020-10-26.pdf Videos and all other materials are copyright…

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2020-10-23: Extreme points, degeneracy, finiteness (MAT 168 Optimization)

Going from an LP in standard equation form to the (primal) dictionary in matrix form for an arbitrary basis. Extreme points as vertices (= 0-dimensional faces) of the polyhedron of feasible points.…

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