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Vera Rubin and Dark Matter

Excerpts from The Ring of Truth, Episode 6: Doubt, hosted by Philip Morrison

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Design of microwave broadband CMOS transmitter and receiver circuits for MIR and ECEI plasma diagnostics

Integrated Circuits and Systems 13 Team Lead: Ying Chen Advisor: Prof. Luhmann

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VEN123L Video 9.1 - Limits of Detection and Quantification

What's the lowest concentration that a method or instrument can detect, and what's the lowest it can measure? What's the difference? How do we determine the limits of detection and…

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EEC239A Lecture 13 GMT20201118-185643_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

EEC239A Lecture 13 GMT20201118-185643_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

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EEC239A Lecture12 20201116-185058_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

EEC239A 20201116

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EME-165: 2018-08-08 12:10

EME-165 Lecture 2018-08-08 at 12:10

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