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Re-imagining the security of the Hardware using Lookup Table Obfuscation

Integrated Circuits and Systems 16 Team Lead: Gaurav Kolhe Advisor: Prof. Homayoun

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ECS 289A Lecture 8a

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ECS 220 5c:6.6 why is it hard to prove P neq NP

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ECS 220 4c:6.3-1 problems not in P and a natural problem in EXP - P

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ECS 220 3b:5.2-1 from circuits to formulas

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ECS 220 3a:5-5.2 circuit to simulate Turing machine, Witness-Existence reduces to Circuit-SAT

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ECS 220 3a:1-5.3 Circuit-SAT reduces to Tiling

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ECS 220 2c:5.3-4 Tiling and Boolean circuits

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SAS004 00 Intro OPTIONAL Video. Hal Niedzvieki Guest Lecture

This is the guest lecture from pop culture guru and author Hal Niedzvieki. This lecture helps to introduce this course and establish a framework for understanding modern popular culture. We will use…

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2018 Engineering Keynote Speaker - Tim Bucher - June 17, 2018

Tim Bucher, executive vice president and chief product officer at Scienctific Games, gives the keynote address at the UC Davis School of Education commencement ceremony, June 17,…

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