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ECS 120 9c:3 N vs. Q+

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Section 4.3 #54 - Drug Pharmacokinetics

Surge function drug model L'Hopital's rule How parameter values affect graphs

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Section 4.1 Prob 57

Finding global extrema on a restricted domain for a disease model

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Chapter 3 Review #86 - Yeast Population

Population Growth Logistic Functions Chain Rule, Limits at Infinity

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Section 3.4 Prob 58: Sensitivity of the eye to brightness

Using the quotient rule to study how pupil area responds to changes in light intensity.

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VEN123L Video 3.5 - Comparing Variances

What is variance? How can we tell whether one method is more precise than another? What are degrees of freedom in statistics? Copyright Thi Nguyen Do not distribute without permission …

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Laplace Transform (Part 2): Laplace Inverse

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Review of Complex Numbers (Part II)

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