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EEC 195 Team 11 video

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The goal of this project is to develop an autonomous vehicle capable of navigating a race track. The vehicle uses a camera to detect track boundaries and steer accordingly. Key components include a…

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EEC 195AB Team 12 LiDAR Autonomous Car

EEC 195AB 2024 Team12 - Nicolas Sukardy, Michelle Xie, Oscar Aguilar, Ruoyu Xiong

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EEC 195AB - Team6 SLAM and Autonomous Navigation Vehicle Design

EEC 195AB 2024 Team6 - Gabriel Castellanos, Raphael Bret-Mounet, and Adrien Salvador

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Interface Development and Automation of TCSPC system - Brinda Puri

Quantum Technologies are developing faster and more secure information processing than ever before. R-lab is focused on developing photonic technology which is ideal for long distance quantum…

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