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Leveraging PlayPosit for Non-Instructional Use

Recorded Wednesday, February 21, 2024 Watch this recording inside PlayPosit for an interactive table of contents. Stephanie from PlayPosit guided us to discover how PlayPosit can amplify engagement…

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Faculty Forum - February 16, 2024 - Strategies for Organizing your Canvas Course

On Friday, February 16th at noon, Academic Technology Services hosted a Zoom Faculty Forum on strategies for organizing your Canvas course. The most-visited pre-recorded presentation at SITT 2020…

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High level overview of the simplex method. A proof of correctness for optimality from the simplex method. Introduction to the two phase simplex method.

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Lunn Lecture - Robert Pogue Harrison (1/21/2024)

What is a River? Nature, Culture, and Human Psyche

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How to do Exercise 3 (SAS25)

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Josiah McElheny | The California Studio: Manetti Shrem Artist Residencies

Josiah McElheny is an expert glassblower whose installations, sculpture, paintings and films engage with the history of his medium and the history of ideas. He has received numerous awards, including…

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AI Speaker Series: ChatGPT, Large Language Models & Their Real-World Applications

An interactive discussion on generative AI (genAI) and the real-world applications of large language models, ChatGPT, and other genAI tools, led by the Information Technology Services team in the…

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Review of linear algebra in context of solving linear programs.

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Navigating the Maze of Research Data Sharing

Are you engaged in research that involves sharing patient, research participant or other protected data? Join our upcoming webinar where we dive into the world of the Data Sharing Committee (DSC), a…

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Travelings Sales Man Problem formulation.

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ATS Roadshow for Foreign Languages

The ATS Roadshow: How Academic Technology Services and instructional technology can support your teaching and your students’ learning Join us for the Academic Technology Services Roadshow!…

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Exploring the Mind: Sensorimotor Plasticity, Cognitive Flexibility and the Bilingual Brain: A Neuroemergentist Perspective.

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Is Green Tea Good For My Heart Health?

Richard S Bruno, Ph.D., R.D., Professor and Chair, Human Nutrition Program; Director, Bionutrition Core Laboratory, The Ohio State University. Introduced by Robert Hackman, Ph.D., Nutrition, UC…

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1.17.24 Jennie Davis, IGN Seminar, CONSORT Guidelines Paper Discussion

Perspective: Peer Evaluation of Recommendations for CONSORT Guidelines for Randomized Control Trials in Nutrition

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Essay 1 Tutorial SAS25

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Discussion on variable constraints and the use of integral versus real variables.

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