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The remarkable discovery of microbial life

In 1674, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek looked at a drop of lake water through his homemade microscope and discovered an invisible world that no one knew existed. His work inspired countless microbiology…

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Etienne-Jules Marey: Science to Awaken the Arts

Original title: Etienne-Jules Marey: La Science au reĢveil des arts (2014)

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The Snowflake Mystery

from Veritasium

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Linus Pauling--How He Discovered the Alpha Helix After several trials of model-making, and just as many errors, Pauling finally hit on the first--and still most important--structure defined in his…

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Visualizing video at one trillion frames per second MIT Media Lab postdoc Andreas Velten, left, and Associate Professor Ramesh Raskar. In the…

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"flying" snail Snails usually lumber along on their single fleshy foot, but not sea butterflies (Limacina helicina). These tiny marine molluscs gently flit around…

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lightning strike

Slow motion capture of lightning, the flash visible to the naked eye is the return up-stroke.

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