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ECS20 - W22 - Lecture 12 (6R): Induction and Recursion 1

Lecture 2022-02-10. The language of number theory, and the Peano axioms for it. The last axiom: the principle of mathematical induction. Different forms of it. Using induction for establishing…

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ECS20 - W22 - Lecture 7 (4T): Sets 2

More about sets. Powerset of a set. Cross product of sets. The axiomatic approach to set theory. Languages (sets of strings).

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ECS20 - W22 - Lecture 4 (2R): Logic 3

Building a circuit for adding two 64-bit values. Tautologies. A formal system for proving theorem. The completeness and soundness theorems for sentential logic. Adding quantifier: first-order…

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ECS 220 6c:7.2-2 From undecidable problems to unprovable truths

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