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Part 1 of a 4 part series at World Microbe Forum June 2021 Hands-On Workshop Assembling and Annotating Bacterial Genomes Using PacBio Long Reads…

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Bell's Theorem: The Quantum Venn Diagram Paradox (full video)

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ECS 153, Spring 2021; Lecture #13; April 26, 2021

ECS 153 Spring 2021. Computer Security. This covers tranquility, integrity models, Biba, and begins the Clark-Wilson model. The video begins at 1:41 from the beginning.

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Harold McGee and Susan Ebeler // Savor: The Science and Mystery of Smell

On Feb 10, 2021, food science author Harold McGee and Professor of Viticulture and Enology Susan Ebeler explored the intricate relationship between the composition of aromas and how we experience…

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Mohammed Ghausi

Name: Mohammed Ghausi Interviewer: Jerome Suran Date Interviewed: 1/30/2014 Date Appointed: 1983 Date Retired: 1996 Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering In this conversation ,…

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