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His 147A 001 (W'23) Lecture 7: Liberalism and Jeremy Bentham

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Detection of Urine Accumulation in the Human Bladder using FMCW Radar - Ata Vafi

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Using Industrial IoT and Predictive Modeling to Improve Wine Fermentation - James Nelson

Wine fermentation is unique from other fermentation industries as the initial conditions of grape juice chemistries vary drastically from year to year and vine to vine, resulting in widely different…

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Richard Feynman on New Laws of Physics

full lecture at

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Liberalism and Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarianism

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ESP 168: Video 6.1 - Risk and Uncertainty

Introduction to Risk and Expected Value

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ESP 168a: Video 3.3 - Multi Criteria Analysis and Indicators and Indices

Introduction to Multi-Criteria Analysis

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Estuarine Connectivity Symposium - Louise Conrad - February 18, 2020

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