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Neuron VCSEL_tuning_Vbias_Vmembrane_Vthreshold_Vrefractory

Neuron Experiments

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SITT 2023: Authentic Assessments in the Digital Space: Creating assessments that motivate by Patricia Turner

In this video, I present the teaching method and technology tools I used this year to create a highly-motivating, authentic assessment for a graduate course in college teaching. The assessment formed…

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Tutorial on Determining Clusters

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ENV200C - "have to have's" for strategy memos

Core elements that must be present in a good strategy memo

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PLS100BL Lab 6 Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth (GA & ABA) Experimental Demo 2

Practical explanation by Dr. Mar Rubio about how to set the Li-COR instrument to gather gas exchange data in leaves of the ABA deficient mutant (sit) and WT tomato plants with and without ABA sprays.

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