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Duo Central Interface Update

Duo main user and account management interfaces will be updated to “Duo Central” in the spring of 2024. Clicking on “Duo Multifactor Authentication” in…

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Duo Interface Update

Duo's new universal prompt will replace the traditional prompt. This updated interface not only looks different but it’s also designed to provide a faster and more secure user experience.

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DES157B Interaction Design 3

Example student projects from classes taught by Glenda Drew and Bill Mead

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ServiceNow Reporting & Dashboards

Learn about creating reports and dashboards in ServiceNow.

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ServiceNow Reporting & Dashboards

Learn more about ServiceNow Reporting and Dashboards in the demo style video.

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Autonomous Car Project

Senior Design Project: SD17 (Robots/Auto) Team Leads: Andrea Anaya, Ann Ryan, Caitlin Pasqualino, Ethan De Leon Advisor: Lance Halsted

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EEC 195B: Autonomous Car Project (Team 3)

Video detailing Team 3's process for the Autonomous Car Senior Design Project.

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ECS 235B, Winter 2021; Lecture #25; March 5, 2021

Foundations of Computer and Information Security. This covers detection of covert channels. The class starts at 7:35 into the video.

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Brett Hodges Research Talk (2020 Larock Conference, Physical/Analytical Presentation #3)

Title: Measurement of the space-charge region width in BiVO4 particle films with surface photovoltage spectroscopy Authors: Brett Hodges, Rachel Doughty, Anna Kundmann, and Frank E. Osterloh …

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BIS180L Lecture 9

BIS180L: Introduction to Shiny

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UWP 298 STEM Research

Introduction to library resources.

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module 1, video 3, Music 107B


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Creating Videos in Canvas

A brief introduction to creating videos in Canvas using the "Record/Upload Media" feature.

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ECS40: 2015-01-05 11:00 Intro, syllabus, common UNIX utilities.

ECS40 Lecture 2015-01-05 at 11:00

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