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EEC195 Group 9 SLAM Autonomous Vehicle Project

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is an algorithm that allows autonomous vehicles to sense and obtain real-time measurements of the surrounding area and analyze these measurements to…

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Kaltura Capture recording - May 10th 2021, 10:48:40 pm

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ECS 120 6a:2 multitape TM transition function

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ECS 120 2a:5 example of regex matching double literals

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ECS 120 2a:3 conventions and the tree view of regex_s

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ECS 120 1b:3 formal definition of DFA syntax

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Team 6 Autonomous Vehicle

EEC 195 A/B WQ 2021 Team 6 Christian Smith Michael Chung Layton Rohrbach Sebastian Brear

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LP Polyhedra-Lec10

The simplex method

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2020-12-04: Stable set problem, formulations/cuts (MAT 168 Optimization)

The stable set (independent set) problem: Integer programming formulations, Chvátal–Gomory cuts. notes-2020-12-04.pdf Videos and all other materials are copyright 2020 Matthias…

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Section 3.7 Prob 30: Genetic Drift

Taking a derivative using the product rule, chain rule, and the derivative of the natural logarithm.

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ESP 168a: Video 7.3 - Stakeholders, Legal and Political Issues

Political Coalitions and Feasibility

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Section 2.3 #12 and #16 - Sketching Functions that Meet Conditions

Two examples of sketching a function based on conditions on function values, limits, asymptotes, and other properties.

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Section 1.3 #3 - Function Transformations

Matching the graphs of function transformations to equations

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How to Enable Breakout Rooms

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How To Contact Your Subject Librarian

This video demonstrates how to contact your Subject Librarian

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Guide to making logic models for help with policy analysis

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