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EVE 115 W2021 Lecture 07

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ECS 220 5b:6.6-3 clocked programs

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ECS 120 6c:3 asymptotic analysis, definition of O() and o()

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ESP 168a: Video 11.1 - International and Intergenerational Issues

A Brief History of International Environmental Policy

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Section 4.3 #54 - Drug Pharmacokinetics

Surge function drug model L'Hopital's rule How parameter values affect graphs

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VEN123L Video 9.1 - Limits of Detection and Quantification

What's the lowest concentration that a method or instrument can detect, and what's the lowest it can measure? What's the difference? How do we determine the limits of detection and…

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VEN123L Video 8.2 - Control Charts

What is a control chart? What are the components of a control chart and how do you make one? How is it used to determine whether things are going wrong over time? Copyright Thi Nguyen Do not…

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Section 3.7 Prob 30: Genetic Drift

Taking a derivative using the product rule, chain rule, and the derivative of the natural logarithm.

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Chapter 3 Review #86 - Yeast Population

Population Growth Logistic Functions Chain Rule, Limits at Infinity

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VEN123L Video 6.3 - Spike Recovery and One-Tailed t-tests - Copper Fining

How is spike recovery used to evaluate the accuracy of an analytical method? How are one-tailed t-tests used to compare an experimental treatment versus a control? Can we use copper fining as an…

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Section 3.2 #35 - Malarial Parasites (Estimating Derivatives)

Estimating the value of the derivative from a table of function values from malarial parasite population data

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Section 2.3 #12 and #16 - Sketching Functions that Meet Conditions

Two examples of sketching a function based on conditions on function values, limits, asymptotes, and other properties.

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VEN123L Video 2.5 - When Things Go Wrong - Outliers and Repeatability

What are some other ways to know when things go wrong? How can we tell if a datapoint doesn't belong in our sample? How can we trust our data when we don't have the time and resources to…

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Section 2.2 #32 - von Bertalanffy growth model

Taking the limit of the von Bertalanffy function for fish body length as time t -> ∞, then using this information to (a) plot the function, and (b) determine the biological meaning of an…

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VEN123L Video 1.6 - Describing Data - Uncertainty

How sure are we of our measurements? Are they true, correct, or both? How can we convey our level of confidence in our measurements? Copyright Thi Nguyen Do not distribute without permission…

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