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Career Development Week_Exploring Career Tracks with Transferable Skills Nov2022

Career Tracks defines job families and functions, throughout the UC system, and creates consistency in job standards and skill requirements for each position level. Transferrable skills are the…

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Recall (rev. 5.6.22 website) 1

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How to Hire Postdocs

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Clip of HSI Summit Pt. 1 - "Overcoming Administrative Barriers" (1 hr 0 min 36 sec)

HSI Summit Pt. 1 - A Cal to Action + AI EducationSession: Overcoming Administrative Barriers Length: 1 hr 0 min 36 sec Moderator: Dr. Enrico Pontelli, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, New Mexico…

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ESP 168a: Video 3.5 - Multi Criteria Analysis and Indicators and Indices

Two MCA Examples, Indifference Curves

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