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Triangular Cross-section Waveguide Geometries in 4H-SiC for Efficient Integration of Color Centers - Pranta Saha

Abstract: Color centers are solid-state defects in single crystal materials that can emit spin entangled single photons upon excitation. We explore optical mode confinement and optimum color center…

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EEC 100 Lab 07 - Fourier Series

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MHI 289I, Fall 2020, Lecture #19

This is a recording of the nineteenth lecture, recorded by Zoom.

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Chapter 4 Review #16: Drug Pharmacokinetics

Surge function model of drug concentration First and Second derivatives, maxima, and inflection points Typo: text in the video says "pharmokinetics" where it should say…

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MAT-21C: Lecture 28

MAT-21C Lecture 2020-06-03 at 09:00

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module 0, video 08, Music 107B

Metro and delay (and resizing)

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