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Chancellor's Colloquium with Joseph Patel - November 3rd, 2022

Joseph Patel ’94, winner of an Academy Award and a Grammy in 2022, returned to campus as a guest for the first Chancellor’s Colloquium of the new academic year. Patel has a long history…

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EE-Emerge Interactive Clock

EE-Emerge team: Damien Scholzen, Ivan Joshua Espiritu, Htet Myat, Sabrina Noorahmad-Yarzada, Waylon Pattison, and Kelvin Truong Abstract: Time is one of the fundamental concepts of the modern day,…

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Visualizing video at one trillion frames per second MIT Media Lab postdoc Andreas Velten, left, and Associate Professor Ramesh Raskar. In the…

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Meso Molecules

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Introduction to Stereochemistry and Chiral Centers

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Character Tables, x,y,z designation in C2v, characters, symmetry elements, symmetry lables

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che124a_1_ pre-lecture_5_applications of symmetry

Chiral and polar identification

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CHE124a_1_Kauzlarich_pre-lecture 3_Symmetry

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