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#maptimeDavis - From Spatial Data to Publication Ready Figure: Mapmaking with R - 2020-11-24

In this workshop, participants will learn a few of the many options for visualizing spatial data in R. Participants should have an introductory understanding of R and have R installed on their…

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533 Shapiro

This interview is with Arthur Shapiro, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Evolution and Ecology. He was appointed in 1971 and retired in 2023.Art’s research is focused on population ecology of…

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532 Donaldson

Joyce was appointed as Community Outreach Coordinator for UC Davis Presents in 1986 and retired as the first Director of Arts Education from Mondavi Center in 2016.She was the department head for…

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Mantras for Life: Trusting your gut, your voice, yourself

Join us for an inspiring discussion on the power of self-trust and embracing authenticity, led by the dynamic Amy G., a prominent sports journalist, broadcaster, podcaster, author and fellow Aggie…

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2024 Vet Med Commencement May 24, 2024.mp4

Commencement ceremony for the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Friday May 24th, 2024, held at the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts on the UC Davis campus. This…

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Final Review Session-Bis 103-Aron/Brianna-Monfared/S2024

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EEC 195 Team 11 video

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Lec 26, Jun 3.mp4

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Lec 25, May 31.mp4

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Lec 24, May 29.mp4

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Coming back down to Earth: from cosmology to the factory

Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Thorne, Atomic Industries Abstract: I currently work on applied physics and machine learning at Atomic Industries. At Atomic we are jointly automating the design and…

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"Fibonacci, congruent numbers and elliptic curves" - Winston Ko Public Lecture Series

Dr. Kenneth A. Ribet Professor Emeritus Department of Mathematics UC Berkeley The perfect squares (1, 4, 25, 36 and so forth) were studied extensively by Leonardo Fibonacci in his thirteenth…

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Car Seat Safety - Seat Belt Safety for Older Children (English 2024)

Video for parents and caregivers with information on when a child is ready to move from riding in a car seat to using a seat belt.

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Car Seat Safety - Booster Seats for School-aged Children (English 2024)

Video for parents and caregivers showing how to fit and install a booster seat.

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From Physics to Entrepreneurship: Highlighting the Career Trajectory of Yatish Mishra

Yatish Mishra's story shows how a solid education and experience can open doors to diverse and successful careers. After earning an Applied Physics degree from UC Davis, Yatish transitioned into…

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Lec 23, May 24.mp4

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