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Introduction to (modern) Polyhedral Geometry. This lecture defines convex sets and polyhedra and proves a few statements about convex sets and polyhedra.

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A Woman's Job

Presented by Sandy Batchelor, WorkLife Manager, Principles of Community Week Why are women leaving the workforce? Why is the birthrate falling in much of the developed world? This presentation…

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Faculty Forum - February 16, 2024 - Strategies for Organizing your Canvas Course

On Friday, February 16th at noon, Academic Technology Services hosted a Zoom Faculty Forum on strategies for organizing your Canvas course. The most-visited pre-recorded presentation at SITT 2020…

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Discussion of simplex method with respect to convergence, degeneracy of pivots, pivot rules, and optimality. Improvement of theorems in previous lectures so now we can guarantee that the simplex…

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How to do Exercise 3 (SAS25)

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Josiah McElheny | The California Studio: Manetti Shrem Artist Residencies

Josiah McElheny is an expert glassblower whose installations, sculpture, paintings and films engage with the history of his medium and the history of ideas. He has received numerous awards, including…

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Terminology and notation for the simplex method. Dictionaries, basis, slack variables, basic feasible solutions and the relationship between these. Certification of results in terms of the objective…

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Terminology for simplex method is defined in this lecture. This is written is matrix form. Examples are in the following lectures.

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AI Speaker Series: ChatGPT, Large Language Models & Their Real-World Applications

An interactive discussion on generative AI (genAI) and the real-world applications of large language models, ChatGPT, and other genAI tools, led by the Information Technology Services team in the…

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Review of linear algebra in context of solving linear programs.

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Travelings Sales Man Problem formulation.

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Exploring the Mind: Sensorimotor Plasticity, Cognitive Flexibility and the Bilingual Brain: A Neuroemergentist Perspective.

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Pre-recorded lecture for EAE 130A Cost Analysis lecture

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Modeling matching problems in graphs and introducing traveling sales man problem.

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Essay 1 Tutorial SAS25

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MAT 168 Winter 2024, Lecture 2 - modeling problems in optimization.

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