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Modular Canvas Course Design - from ATS Ed Tech Week

Recording of ATS Ed Tech Week webinar, "Modular Canvas Course Design," from January 4, 2022

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Virtual Library Tour (update 9/2021)

A brief tour of UC Davis libraries to showcase services and resources for students.

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Undeclared Orientation 9.21.21

It’s great to be Undeclared! We will help you identify resources and meaningful opportunities for major exploration through the College of Letters and Science. Learn about the major exploration…

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Parent Orientation Webinar 2021

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Aggie Parent & Family L&S College Overview 8.13.21

Letters & Science Aggie Parent & Family college overview session. Orientation 2021

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CoE Webinar Transfer 2021

College of Engineering Aggie Engineer Prep 101

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GE webinar 2021

College of Engineering advisors discuss choosing GE's for fall quarter.

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Registration Strategies Webinar 2021

Discussion of registration strategies for new incoming engineering freshman 2021.

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Aggie Engineer Prep 101 and Q&A 5.10.21

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ECS 220 3c:5.5-2 CA-Predecessor

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PLS100BL Lab 8: Plant Organogenesis Experimental Demo

In vitro culture experiment demonstrating how you can generate shoots, roots, and call from leaf and stem piths from tobacco. Principles of sterile technique are shown as well as the evaluation of…

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GGNB Student Stories - Jingyuan Jack Zheng

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Situational Factors for Learning (Integrated Design)

This is a supplemental video for the Lesson Planning Workshop at the UC Davis Teaching Assistant Orientation, Sept 2020. (Open Captions)

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UCD Women's Rowing Davisfest

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College of Engineering Davisfest event

Engineering Undergraduate Advisors answer student questions about Fall quarter.

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College of Engineering Orientation - If I Knew Then, What I Know Now, Career Tips from College of Engineering Alumni

Hear about the career journeys of diverse UC Davis alumni and professionals. Receive tips for success as a transfer student and get advice on how to successfully launch your career.

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