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ECS 153, Spring 2021; Lecture #18; May 7, 2021

ECS 153 Spring 2021. Computer Security. This finishes symmetric key cryptography, covers public key cryptography and cryptographic hash functions and begins digital signatures.

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ARE139: Lecture 17, Fall 2015

Lecture 17 introduces the concept of put-call parity and its implications for options pricing. Arbitrage relationships between options contracts are discussed.

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ARE139: Lecture 13, Fall 2015

Lecture 13 introduces two basic techniques for futures price forecasting: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Carter gives examples of fundamental analysis, such as purchasing-power parity…

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ARE139: Lecture 12, Fall 2015

Lecture 12 begins with a description of Eurodollar futures contracts including calculation of profit or loss on and example contract. Professor Carter further discusses trade imbalance, politics,…

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