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Lecture 22 of Earth and Planetary Science 131 on November 20,2023

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Heavy-Ion summer mini course 2023 session 6

Part of the summer mini course on heavy-ion physics for undergraduate research students during the summer or 2023. Session 6. Glauber model of nuclear collisions.

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Some ideas for math club

Pascal's triangle, Golden Ratio, Measuring pi

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Low-Loss Three-Dimensional Fan-in/Fan-out Devices for Multi-Core Fiber Integration

Yi-Chun Ling Abstract: We demonstrate a 3D fan-in/fan-out device for multi-core fiber (MCF) integration with a SMF-28 fiber array by using ultrafast laser inscription (ULI). An automatic waveguide…

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EAE-140: 2021-10-06 12:10

EAE-140 Lecture 2021-10-06 at 12:10

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Meeting 5-18-21: Neural Engineering Framework

Algorithmic Frameworks for Neuromorphic Computing: Neural Engineering Framework (NEF) Luis El Srouji gives an overview and explanation of the Neural Engineering Framework which can calculate weight…

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Form Factor.

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Avian Census LECTURE

WFC 100 Lecture on Avian Census Techniques - Dr. John Eadie

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