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EEC 10 Lab 1 - Breadboard, DC Simulations, and Measurements.mp4

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Autonomous Car Project

Senior Design Project: SD17 (Robots/Auto) Team Leads: Andrea Anaya, Ann Ryan, Caitlin Pasqualino, Ethan De Leon Advisor: Lance Halsted

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ECS 289A Lecture 1b

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ECS 220 7b:7.3-2 Ackermann function

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ECS 120 10b:3 diagonalization to show the halting problem is undecidable

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ECS 120 10b:1 diagonalization to show a set is smaller than its power set

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ECS 120 6c:1 TMs versus code

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ECS 120 5b:6 pumping lemma proof that uu is not regular

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ECS 120 4b:3 NFAs can simulate RRGs proof

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ECS 120 3b:1 DFA intersection (two ways)

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ECS 120 2b:2 formal definition of CFG syntax

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LP Polyhedra-Lec5.mp4

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Data analysis

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ECS 235B, Winter 2021; Lecture #2; January 6, 2021

Foundations of Computer and Information Security. This covers access control matrices, primitive operations, commands, and miscellaneous rights and principles. The class starts at 6:53 into the video.

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2020-11-02: Transportation, min-cost flow problems (MAT 168 Optimization)

Structure of the node-arc incidence matrix, rank deficiency. Generalizing the classic transportation problem to transportation problems with transshipment nodes, and to general (single commodity)…

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2020-10-12: LP dictionaries, basic solutions (MAT 168 Optimization)

Linear optimization problems in standard form. Linear algebra review: Rank of a matrix. Introducing slack variables. Dictionary, basic and nonbasic variables, basic solution. notes-2020-10-12.pdf …

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