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To the Department of Political Science Class of 2022

Congratulations graduates!

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Josh Fryday, Chief Service Officer, California Volunteers - Office of the Governor, welcomed people and spoke about College Corps and how service in California can reduce debt for college students.…

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Interview with Heather van Buskirk (3ie and former 115A student)

Heather took ARE/ECN 115A in WQ 2019. In this interview, she describes her professional path since leaving UCD and describes the impact evaluation work she now does with 3ie. Interested students…

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LAT1 Sec2 11-30 Recording ed.

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ENV200C Writing an executive summary

Format, purpose, and strategies for writing an executive summary for a policy memo

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ECS 220 3a:1-5.3 Circuit-SAT reduces to Tiling

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ECS 120 9b:3 rejecting problem is undecidable

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ECS 120 5a:3 picture of previous proof

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ECS 120 5a:2 direct proof that equal zero-one is not regular

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PLS100BL Lab 7: Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth (Ethylene) Experimental Demo 1

Set up of 4 ethylene treatments (0 ppm, 0.1 ppm, 1 ppm, and 10 ppm) to observe responses of tomato explants and sunflower seedlings. We demonstrate the effect of ethylene in leaf epinasty and the…

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MHI 289I, Fall 2020, Lecture #19

This is a recording of the nineteenth lecture, recorded by Zoom.

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MHI 289I, Fall 2020, Lecture #18

This is a recording of the eighteenth lecture, recorded by Zoom

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Nutrition Tips to Rest and Revive

Many aspects of our day can influence the quality of our sleep, including the food we eat. Eating well during our awake hours can affect how fast we fall asleep and how long we stay asleep. Join…

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Take a break and make some bread with Andrew Calderwood

As you study from home, I am sure you want more ideas to have fun and productive breaks. ESM108 TA Andrew Calderwood gives you a great suggestion: you can make amazing breads and feel very positive…

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VEN 101C: Week 3 - 3 year old 3

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VEN 101C: Week 2 - Summer Pruning - 5 year old 2

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