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Robots Move Like Robots, Humans Move Like Humans

BMEGG Symposium 2024 Scientific Communication Competition Robots Move Like Robots, Humans Move Like Humans Robotic and humanistic movement are often visually differentiated since human movement has…

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HYD151: Tackling New Frontiers in Science

This 53-minute presentation offers a case study in which a simple, naive idea led to fundamentally new advancements in science, aided by innovations in field methods.

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Richard Dorf

Name: Richard C. Dorf Interviewer: Jerome J. Suran Date Interviewed: 6/11/1999 Date Retired: 1994 Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering In this conversation , Emeritus Professor…

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L&S Dean's Distinguished Speakers 2012-13: Tracy Caldwell Dyson, 3-3-12

College of Letters and Science 60th Anniversary Deans' Distinguished Speaker Tracy Caldwell Dyson March 3, 2012. March 3, 2012

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