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Intermediate R: Best Practices for Writing R Scripts - 2024-01-30

This intermediate R workshop is all about making it easier to run, reuse, and share R code by writing scripts! We’ll cover what scripts are, how to organize code in a script, how to make…

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farm HPC hands-on: Friday 2pm, Jan 27th, 2023

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Workshop 7: Automating Your Analyses and Executing Long-Running Analyses on Remote Computers

This workshop will show attendees how to automate their analyses using shell scripts, as well as run and manage software that takes minutes, hours, or days to execute. We’ll also show you how…

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SPH 113_Incarceration_5_4

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ECS 153, Spring 2021; Discussion Section #2; April 14, 2021

ECS 153 Spring 2021. Computer Security. This is the second discussion section of the week of April 12. The video begins at 8:08 from the beginning.

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