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His 147C Lecture 6B: Walter Benjamin, Pt. 1

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His 147B Lecture 10: Max Weber

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His 147A Lecture: Hegel

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Lecture 6B, The Dehydrated Version: Wordsworth and Coleridge

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Sips and Bites: Eau de Vie Pear Brandy

November 18, 2020: Distillers Brian Keck and Chris Johnson on their time at UC Davis, their approach to making a variety of spirits, and a tasting of J.J. Pfister’s Eau de Vie Unaged Pear…

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VEN 140 5/04/20 Konrad Miller (ft. David Warter)

VEN 140 5/04/2020 Guest Lecture: David Warter Copyright Konrad Miller PhD PE Do no distribute without permission [email protected]

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George Grossman

Name: George Grossman Interviewer: Richard C. Wydick Date Interviewed: 4/4/2008 Date Appointed: 1993 Date Retired: 2007 In this conversation Emeritus Law Librarian George Grossman discusses his…

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Energy and the Environment | 2015 UC Davis Online and Hybrid Learning Showcase

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