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Raúl de Nieves | Artist Lecture in The California Studio

Raúl de Nieves is a multimedia artist, performer and musician whose wide-ranging practice investigates notions of beauty and transformation. He is known for exuberant modes of …

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Tamar Ettun | Artist Lecture in The California Studio

Tamar Ettun is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She uses sculpture, video and performance to explore shared human experience, most recently focusing on empathy and…

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This is a collaboration project by Mercy Hawkins and Jen Soong, created December 2020. Poem by Jen Soong. Animation by Mercy Hawkins. Original Music by Daniel Godsil. Drawings by Owen and Zoe.

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EEC 10 Tips 03 - MSP432 and CCS

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Dr. Stephen Robinson Speaks about SpaceX and Boeing on NBC News

Recorded September 16, 2014 for NBC News, in the ATS Video Studio. ATS Has a TV studio with live HD Video connectivity to all major TV networks. More information at…

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