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485 Frederic Troy

An interview of Professor Emeritus Frederic A. Troy II by his colleague Joe P. Tupin in July, 2019

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231 Robert D. Grey

Name:Robert D. Grey Interviewer: Carl a EricksonDate interviewed: 11/13/2003Date appointed: 1967Date retired: 2002Department: Zoology Professor, Zoology; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Dean,…

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432 Van Alfen

This interview is with Neal Van Alfen, dean emeritus andprofessor emeritus, who was recruited to UC Davis toserve as dean of the College of Agricultural andEnvironmental Sciences and served in that…

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Bruce Eldridge

In this conversation, Emeritus Professor Bruce Eldridge discusses his career at the University of California at Davis, including important persons and events that shaped his interests and…

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Mark Wheelis

Name: Mark L Wheelis Interviewer: Thomas L Rost Date Interviewed: 6/8/2011 Date Appointed: 1970 Date Retired: 2008 Department: Microbiology and Molecular Genetics In this conversation Emeiritus…

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John Crowe

Name: John H. Crowe Interviewer: Robert D. Grey Date Interviewed: 4/17/2007 Date Appointed: 1970 Date Retired: 2007 Department: Department of zoology In this conversation Emeritus Professor…

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Edward Schroeder

Name: Edward D. Schroeder Interviewer: Karl M. Romstad Date Interviewed: 12/21/2000 Date Appointed: 1966 Date Retired: 2000 Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering In this conversation…

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Harry Lange

Name: Harry W. Lange Interviewer: Albert A. Grigarick Date Interviewed: 2/7/1996 Date Appointed: 1943 Date Retired: 1983 Department: Entomology In this conversation , Emeritus Professor Harry…

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First-Year International Student Webinar - College of Biological Sciences July 6, 2016

Listen to questions from your fellow international first-year students and get answers from the international academic advisor for the College of Biological Sciences.

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2014 College of Biological Sciences Commencement Speaker: Julian Roque

Julian Roque, candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in biological sciences gives the one of the student commencement speeches for the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences on June 15, 2014.

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2011 College of Bio Sci Student Speaker - Enkhee Tuvshintogs

Enkhee Tuvshintogs, who graduated with a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, gives the student speech at the June 10 College of Biological Sciences commencement ceremony.

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2009 College of Bio Sci Commencement Speaker - Pamela Chacha

Pamela Chacha, a biochemistry and molecular biology major, speaks at College of Biological Sciences June 13 commencement where about 2,445 B.A., 550 B.S. and 50 Bachelor of Arts and Science degrees…

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2015 Bio Sci Commencement

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