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Sky Hopinka | Art Studio Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Sky Hopinka, who was born and raised in Ferndale, Washington, is a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation/Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians. His video, photo, and text work centers around personal…

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Bread Wheat_ Crop Origins and Cultural Uses Part 1

Saarah Kuzay discusses the origins of bread wheat, wheat diversity, and its cultural uses.

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Spectronaut 17 and 300 samples per day methods

Looking at some 300 spd HeLa Data

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CHE-118B: 2022-08-04 07:57

Relative Stability of Substituted Alkenes, Formation of Alkenes via Elimination of Haloalkanes (E2) and Alcohols (E1), Hydrogenation of Alkenes, Basic Principles of Electrophilic Addition;…

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ECS 220 5c:7.1-2 the analytical engine

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ECS 120 9c:1 comparing sizes of sets

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