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Multiplying Voltages With Op Amps and Diodes

Created on September 5th, 2022 in Davis, CA I hope this video serves as an inspiration. Combining diodes and operational amplifiers together, you can multiply and divide different voltages, and…

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A 200-GHz Stacked-FET Power Amplifier with 18.7 dBm Output Power and 4.8% PAE in 45-nm CMOS SOI- Saleh Hasanzade Yamchi

Abstract—We report a fully integrated power amplifier (PA) in 45-nm CMOS SOI. Both stacking and parallel power combining are utilized to achieve 18.7 dBm peak output power. Each PA unit uses…

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High Frequency Circuit for E-band Sheet Beam Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier - Shasha Qiu

Abstract - In the millimeter-wave and terahertz frequency range, the folded waveguide (FWG) is a typical slow-wave structure employed in traveling wave tube (TWT) design, as the structure offers…

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Design of microwave broadband CMOS transmitter and receiver circuits for MIR and ECEI plasma diagnostics

Integrated Circuits and Systems 13 Team Lead: Ying Chen Advisor: Prof. Luhmann

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An FDD-based Full-Duplex Sub-THz Interconnect with Data-rate of 22.6 Gb/s and Energy-Efficiency of 1.58pJ/bit

Integrated Circuits and Systems 12 Team Lead: Xuan Ding Advisor: Prof. Gu

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ECE239A Lecture15 GMT20201125-185433_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

ECE239A Lecture15 GMT20201125-185433_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

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EEC239A Lecture 13 GMT20201118-185643_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

EEC239A Lecture 13 GMT20201118-185643_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

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EEC239A Lecture12 20201116-185058_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

EEC239A 20201116

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EEC-239A_Lecture 11 GMT20201109-185722_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

EEC-239A_Lecture 11 GMT20201109

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Lab 4

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