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Math 168 Lecture 1, Given on Jan 8th 2024. This lecture gives an introduction to optimization problems and the field of optimization.

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Clip of SSC109 Midterm II review

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Muzi Na: IGN Seminar (5/13/2021)

Muzi Na Complementary feeding practices in the West and Central Africa Region: A mixed methods regional analysis of 24 countries Institute for Global Nutrition Seminar 5/12/2021

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Soil Micronutrients Ch 8 May 10 Lecture

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Soil P Ch 5 May 3 Lecture

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ECS 153, Spring 2021; Lecture #10; April 19, 2021

ECS 153 Spring 2021. Computer Security. This finishes the discussion of access control matrices and begins one on security policies. The video begins at 2:47 from the beginning.

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CFSC-UCD Webinar: Conifer regeneration after severe wildfire

Predicting spatial patterns of conifer regeneration after severe wildfire: implications for restoration Kristen Shive, Director of Science, Save the Redwoods League. Michelle Coppoletta,…

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PICN -Joanne Arsenault and Gerard Nelson - 4/3/2019

Nutrition Security to the Mid-Century: Does Climate Change Offset the Benefits of Income Growth? (Joanne Arsenault and Gerard Nelson)

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