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Dr. Terry McGlynn - Lessons about thermal ecology from rainforest ants

"As the world is getting hotter, we are now urgently focused on understanding on how climate change affecting insect populations and communities. Many insects in tropical rainforests are…

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Storer Lecture (Public Lecture) - Ivette Perfecto - March 15, 2023

Ivette Perfecto is the James E. Crowfoot Collegiate Professor of Environmental Justice. Her research focuses on biodiversity and arthropod-mediated ecosystem services in rural and urban agriculture.…

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Priscilla Pinto 2022 WAC - Ecosystem Services of Perennial Forages

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Marisol Berti 2022 WAC - Cropping Alfalfa for Biodiversity Restoration Above & Belowground

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Christian Huyge 2022 WAC - Setting the Scene of Alfalfa Ecosystem Services at Rotation & Territory Levels: Toward a Better Use of Alfalfa

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BML - Dr. Tiara Moore: "Environmental DNA & Biodiversity Assessments: Small Tools with Big Impacts"

John & Mary Louise Riley Bodega Marine Laboratory Seminar Series: Dr. Tiara Moore: "Environmental DNA & Biodiversity Assessments: Small Tools with Big Impacts" About the…

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Keynote - Jeff Sachs - Merging One Health and One Planet.mp4

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ESP170 L17a March 8 Conservation Finance

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ESP170 L15B Ramsar and CBD

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ESp170 L15a Economic vehicles for private land conservaton

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Lecture 16 - Introduction to Biomes and Vegetation - ESM 120 (Winter 2021)

Much like the flights of craft beer at a brewery that allow one to take a taste of all that the brewery has to offer, we begin our flight over Earth’s biosphere to understand a little about…

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Recording from Class on January 6

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ESP170 January 4. Lecture 1

Course background. What is biodiversity Why Biodiversity

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PLS 150 Introduction to wildflower field-plots

NMWilliams at Hedgerow Farms plots introducing lab activity for PLS 150 Week 6 SQ 2020

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eDNA Symposium - Panel and QA - Jan 29th 2020

Kristy Deiner, Rachel Meyer, Chris Jerde, Gordon Luikart, Caren Goldberg, Margaret Hunter, Ted Sommer

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eDNA Symposium - Andrea Schreier - Jan 29th 2020

Aquatic eDNA studies in the San Francisco Bay Delta by UC Davis Researchers

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