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SPH298 Week6 Sacramento County: Local Coalition Activities

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PLP 290 Winter 2023 2-6-2023 Working on the Interface Between Science and Policy

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LAT1 Sec2 11-5 Recording ed.

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How To Contact Your Subject Librarian

This video demonstrates how to contact your Subject Librarian

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Storer Lecture - Ray Hilborn 01-08-15

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Jiro "Jerry" Kaneko

Name: Jiro "Jerry" Kaneko Interviewer: Arthur L. Black Date Interviewed: 1/23/03 Date Appointed: 1957 Date Retired: 1993 Department(s): Clinical Pathology

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Jerry Hedrick

Name: Jerry Hedrick Interviewer: David G. Gilchrist Date Interviewed: 2/21/2008 Date Appointed: 1965 Date Retired: 2003 Department: Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics In this…

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Janet Hamilton

Name: Janet Hamilton Interviewer: Stan Nosek Date Interviewed: 5/15/2007 Date Appointed: 1975 Date Retired: 2003 Department: Business and Finance In this conversation,retired Administrator…

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David Risling

Name: David Risling Interviewer: Ines Hernandez-Avila Date Interviewed: 12/19/2002 Date Appointed: 1970 Date Retired: 1991 Department: Native American studies In this conversation Emeritus…

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CMSI - Jim Hobbs (03-29-2016)

"Synthesis of the current biology, ecology and status of smelt in the San Francisco Estuary"

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CMSI - Larry Brown (03-29-2016)

"How will climate change induced warming affect Delta smelt?"

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CMSI - Lenny Grimaldo (03-29-2016)

"Rearing habitat of larval and kuvenile Longfin Smelt in the San Francisco Estuary: A case to move into uncharted waters"

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CMSI - Louise Conrad (03-29-2016)

Drought: is this the ‘final straw’

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CMSI - Panel Discussion (03-29-2016)

"Where do we go from here: a path forward among considerable uncertainty?" Panel discussion moderated by Peter Moyle Panelists: Shawn Acuña (Metropolitan Water District of…

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CMSI - Swee Teh (03-29-2016)

"A 3-Year study of environmental stress on health of endangered Delta Smelt"

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CMSI - Peter Moyle (03-29-2016)

"Extinction in California fishes: ecological, biological, legal, real"

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