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SAS004 02: Water, Race, and Socio-Economic Class in America

This 67-minute video podcast presents ideas related to the issues addressed in the movie The River, the course readings, and discussion section for this week. NOTE: In the video podcast on Water,…

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SAS004 03: Clean Water and Functional Landscapes

This 47-minute presentation is related to the movie A Civil Action and is provided to you as an online streaming video podcast that you have to watch on your own.

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UC Capitol Speaker Series- Dr. Nicholas Pinter - May 12, 2017

"California, Flood Risk, and National Flood Insurance", part of the UC Capitol Speaker Series.

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CMSI - Louise Conrad (03-29-2016)

Drought: is this the ‘final straw’

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2008 Fall Convocation - Julia Ann Easley - 09/24/2008

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