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Secrets of a Long Life: Chemical Defense of Bark Beetles by Bristlecone Pines

Dr Justin Runyon joins us for a special winter seminar hosted on January 31st 2023 to discuss Chemical defense of bark beetles by bristlecone pines. "Bristlecone pines are iconic species that…

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Oct. 20. Lecture 4. Effects on communities and coevolution

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Lecture 2. Tues Oct 6. Prevalence and impact, Vertebrate vs Invert, Plant defense types

I describe the major differences between vertebrate and invertebrate herbivory. Also give examples of types of plant defenses

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BML - Dr. Gema Hernán: Seagrass responses to environmental changes: the herbivory perspective

Bodega Marine Laboratory John and Mary Louise Riley Seminar Series: Dr. Gema Hernán: "Seagrass responses to environmental changes: the herbivory perspective" For more…

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