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2023 Black Grad Student Speaker - Subira Mayo - June 17th

Subira Mayo, candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, gives the undegrad student address at the UC Davis Black Grad celebration

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ECS 120 8b:2 definition of polynomial-time reducibility

Errata: starting at 8:30, I show Python code with the function reduction_from_clique_to_independent_set. This should be reduction_from_independent_set_to_clique instead.

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The Method: A Heuristic for Analytic Writing

This video presents what we call "The Method" which is a series of steps that helps writers generate analytic ideas. The video includes an extended example of The Method in use. Slide deck…

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CFSC_UCD Webinar: Wildfire Risk_Mapping, 5/21/20

Title: Strategic Wildfire Planning and Decision Support Presenters: Randy Striplin & Patrick Doyle, USDA Forest Service

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