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Migration Dialogue Podcast #2: Migration and the Mexico-US Border

Between January 2021 and January 2024, CBP had more than six million encounters with unauthorized migrants on the Mexico-US border. Another two million migrants were detected entering the US but…

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Life is Complicated. Protecting your family shouldn't be.

Estate planning is as simple as ABC: •Avoid unnecessary costs •Benefit your family and/or favorite charities …

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DOLCE on The Article 26 Backpack™ and Methods on Adapting Textbook Content to Video Lectures - Summary Video from Dr. Andy

Here is a quick 5-minute recap of the last DOLCE, from Friday, June 3rd, for the 2021-2022 school year along with the recording of the full event for your viewing pleasure.

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DOLCE - June 3, 2022 - Faculty presentations on The Article 26 Backpack™ and Methods on Adapting Textbook Content to Video Lectures

Please enjoy this DOLCE, from June 3rd, about The Article 26 Backpack and the production of video lectures.Keith David Watenpaugh spoke about The Article 26 Backpack: The Universal Human Rights Tool…

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AES Slides_For Web-Page_sg 5-9-2022

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ECS 235B, Winter 2021; Lecture #17; February 12, 2021

Foundations of Computer and Information Security. This covers DRM, RBAC, and begins Traducement. The class starts at 3:55 into the video.

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BIS180L-SQ20-Lecture 01

Lecture 01 for Bis180L Genome Biology. Brief Introduction to the course, cloud computing, and markdown.

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DOLCE - March 1, 2019: Backpack 26/ TechVersity

DOLCE began with an introduction by Meggan Levitt, the new Assistant Vice Provost and Associate Chief Information Officer for Academic Applications at UC Davis. Then joined by Human Rights…

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Big Bang! 2017-2018 Workshop - Write to Win - Developing Your Executive Summary - 12-06-2017

"Write to Win - Developing Your Executive Summary"

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Katherine Mawdsley

Name: Katherine F. Mawdsley Interviewer: William F. McCoy Date Interviewed: 6/5/2001 Date Appointed: 1965 Date Retired: 1993 Department: Library In this conversation Emerita Librarian Katherine…

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Climate-Smart Plenary 3-22-13 : 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

10:30 am – 12:00 pm: Plenary session XII. Comments on the Conference Statement XIII. Science-Policy Planning 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm: Plenary session (Introduction: TBD), Joseph Alcamo…

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