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DataLab Workshop: ReadME, Write Me! 2021-03-04

This workshop covers best practices for organizing and documenting your digital projects for robust, reproducible research. Topics covered will include data documentation, forms of metadata at both…

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Library Vignette #3 - Find it Beyond the UC Libraries (Music Research) - Edited

Locating music materials beyond the UCD/UC Libraries Tips on using FirstSearch version of WorldCat Links to worldwide library catalog portals

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How to find research / subject guides.

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How veterinary medicine is benefitting human health

UC Davis Veterinary Medicine has the potential to do more for humanity than ever before. What will we do in the next 75 years? Animals are benefitting greatly from human health innovations, while…

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International Agricultural Development Admissions Webinar

Learn more about the International Agricultural Development Masters of Science program. Key insight into preparing to be a successful applicant, deadline is December 15th. Information about research,…

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HDE 131, Spring 2023, Lecture 1.4, Part 1

HDE 131, Spring 2023, Lecture 1.4 - Research Methods Part 1 of lecture

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Digitizing Agriculture: Drone-based Plant Monitoring

At this Plugged In event, Professor Alireza Pourreza, director of the UC Davis Digital Agriculture Laboratory, will share some of the exciting research happening in digital agriculture and aerial…

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Workshop on data science in R&D, presented by Syngenta Seeds

Workshop on data science in R&D, presented by Syngenta Seeds

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Rolf Klemm 1.25.23 IGN Seminar

Research or Program Implementation in the Non-Governmental World—Can You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too? Reflections from Someone Trying to Bridge the Two Worlds

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Reproducible Research for Teams with GitHub - 2022-10-20

GitHub is an online platform for software development using Git for version control. During this hands-on workshop we'll practice setting up, sharing, and collaboratively working on a…

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Python Basics: Introduction to Programming for Researchers 2022 (4-part series) Part 1 of 4 (Part A) – 2022-10-25

This 4-part workshop series provides an introduction to using the Python programming language for reproducible data analysis and scientific computing. The focus of this workshop is programming…

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Introduction to Version Control with Git – 2022-10-13

This workshop covers the fundamentals of using version control for reproducible research. Topics covered will include installing the Git versioning control software locally, initiating a local Git…

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Spotlight Event Addressing Race In Research

August 22 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.Spotlight Event: Addressing Race in Research Clinical research has the potential to help advance health for everyone. But for that to work, it must include people…

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Find a Librarian

Find opportunities to work with a librarian Discover how to book an appointment with a librarian Discover how to complete a research request form Understand librarians are here to assist you in your…

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Library Homepage Introduction

This guide will take you through the library homepage (effective 16 August 2022) and demonstrate how to: Navigate the homepage Find Research Guides Contact Librarians Access resources from off-campus…

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Behind the Science to Save the Lake: The UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Known for its remarkable clarity, Lake Tahoe is considered the jewel of the Sierra Nevada. However, over recent decades, factors such as land-use changes, habitat destruction and the introduction of…

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