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Merging Metasurfaces and Nanomechanical Resonators for IR sensing

Photonic and Electronic Devices 24 Team Lead: Melisa Ekin Gulseren Advisor: Prof. Gomez-Diaz

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Bioinformatics 5 and 6: Bioremediation of historic gold sites

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Bioinformatics assignments 7 & 8: Phytoremediation

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Dr. Kaitlin Reed - NAIS Research Now - 3/5/2020

"'We Are a Part of the Land and the Land Is Us’: Settler Colonialism, Genocide and Healing in California" Recent attention on the California Indian genocide – specifically,…

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Storer Lecture - Jared Diamond 10-03-2003

"Collapses of Ancient Societies and their Modern Implications"

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David Traill

Name: David A Traill Interviewer: S Rex Stem Date Interviewed: 5/5/2011 Date Appointed: 1970 Date Retired: 2010 Department: Classics In this conversation Emeiritus Professor David Traill…

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ARE139: Lecture 8, Fall 2015

Lecture 8 Describes the operation of the clearinghouse. Prof. Carter uses the trade of a 100 oz. gold contract to explain the role and function of the clearinghouse in the market as an example.

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Storer Lecture Series - Luke ONeill 1-26-2012

"How Discoveries in Innate Immunity are Reshaping Our Thinking on The Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Diseases." January 27, 2012 UC Davis College of Biological Sciences Major Issues in…

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Storer Lecture Series - Larry Gold 5-28-2013

"Human Proteomics and Healthcare". May 28, 2013

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Art History 2013: Dr. Shinya Maezaki - San Francisco between 1858 and 1912: Gate of Japanese Ceramics to the United States

San Francisco Between 1858 and 1912: Gate Of Japanese Ceramics To The United States, Dr. Shinya Maezaki October 8, 2013

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